Twin Sticks Tacos

Twin Sticks Tacos is a dual sticks shooter taking place in a western environment. The goal is to clear each rooms of enemies and reach the final room to defeat the boss. The player can choose any paths to get to his goal. The game was produced for a scripting project at Le Campus ADN.

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Team of 4 people.

Limited production time.

Made on GameMaker Studio 2

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Goal & Design Intentions


The goal was to create a shooter type game that would be challenging. We wanted to face many types of enemies and have a wide choice of weapons to let the player experience the game the way he wanted to.

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What I did


Main character




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The biggest challenge during the production was that this was the first game we created as a group in scripting. 

From the very beginning we had to work as a team to determine our functions and variables.

Another challenge that I faced during this productionwas to find a way to make the guns have recoil. 

I went online to read on forums and

watched videos to help me figure it out.