HIVE is a Platformer/Shooter developped on Unity, entirely remotely by the students at the Campus ADN as our final semester project.

Alexeï, a geologist, get stranded on a space station after a solar outburst disrupted the operations on the station HIVE, one of the many space stations of Talium Industries. He quickly realises that he's not alone and will need to fight his way to safety

Secret Corridors

Contraints Icon.png


Create an immersive and fun level following the game design documents.

Created completely remotely in close cooperation with a Level Artist in 14 weeks. 

Possible to backtrack the entire level.

Goal icon.png


Immerse the player in a big

environment with more combat than platforming. 


To test every skills the player acquired throughout the previous levels.

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Design Intentions

For this level, I wanted to create a series of narrow corridors leading to big rooms since the level was set inside underground hangars. I wanted the player to feel small in this big underground environment.

Problematic icon.png


I encountered two major challenges during the production.


The first one being our line of sight restricted to 40 meters. I had to find a way to keep my rooms big without having too much line of sight. For this I used pillars and corners to break the line of sight.


The second challenge was again to find a way to keep my rooms big and making my ennemies encounters challenging and fun for the player. I cut down the playable area of some rooms with holes on the ground to limit the player on where he can go. I also added lasers to avoid during some encounters.